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Fluidized reactor FR110

Ref. 7750110

Measures: 463 x 170x 170 mm

Aquarium: up to 1500 litres

Recommended pump: 2000 l/h

Media Capacity: 1500 c.c.

Blau Aquaristic Fluidized reactors is the optimal way to use fisical or quimical filter media that needs as much as possible contact surface.

Fluidized reactors are specially recommended for the use of Biopellets to remove nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium.

It can be very convenient for the reaction of phosphate removing  granules. As well as a biological filter combined with sand media.


Fluidized reactor FR60

Ref. 7750050

Measures: 67x85x 285 mm

Aquarium: up to 100 litres

Pump: 5,5w 12v DC

Media Capacity: 100 c.c.

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