Cubic Panoramic

Our bent glass nano aquariums

Blau Cubic Panoramic

Elegant and harmonics

Its main characteristic is the front and side glass made from a single piece of bent and polished glass, obtaining a panoramic view. Their harmonic and elegant shape makes them suitable for both beginners and the most experienced hobbyists.

Blau Cubic Panoramic

Bent glass corners

The front and the sides form a single piece to obtain a panoramic view of the aquarium. The glass is bent in a special oven.

Blau Cubic Panoramic

Glass cover

Includes a glass cover with a free space for the filter and other accessories at the rear of the aquarium. The fastening parts of the cover are light and transparent, not affecting the aesthetics of the aquarium.

Blau Cubic Panoramic

EVA foam mat

The aquarium is supplied with an  5 mm thick EVA foam mat that allows the aquarium to sit perfectly avoiding surface imperfections.


Aquascaping and plant aquarium


Shrimp aquarium


Freshwater  aquarium


Nano Reef and Marine aquariums

Blau Cubic Panoramic

Cube shape

Ref. 7782025 Cubic Panoramic 10  (10 L. 20x20x25 cm,5mm)
Ref. 7782530 Cubic Panoramic 19 (19 L. 25x25x30 cm, 5mm)
Ref. 7783035 Cubic Panoramic 30  (32 L. 30x30x35 cm, 5 mm)
Ref. 7784545 Cubic Panoramic 91  (91 L. 45x45x45 cm, 6 mm)

Blau Cubic Panoramic

Traditional shape

Ref. 7783118 Cubic Panoramic 13 (13 L. 31x18x24 cm, 5 mm)
Ref. 7784025 Cubic Panoramic 28 (28L. 40x25x28 cm, 5 mm)
Ref. 7784528 Cubic Panoramic 38 (38 L. 45x28x30 cm, 5 mm)
Ref. 7784516 Cubic Panoramic 17  (17 L. 45x24x16 cm, 5 mm)
Ref. 7786236 Cubic Panoramic 80 (80 L. 62x36x36 cm, 6mm)

KIT Cubic

Aquarium + Filter +Light

Products Reference Diemensions Aquarium
Kit Cubic 10778202620x20x25 cmCubic Panoramic 10FM -60Pico Lumina 6 FW
Kit Cubic 19778253125x25x30 cmCubic Panoramic 19FM-60Pico Lumina 6 FW
Kit Cubic 30778303630x30x35 cmCubic Panoramic 30FM-120Pico Lumina 9 FW
Kit Cubic 13778311931x18x24 cmCubic Panoramic 13FM-60Pico Lumina 6 FW
Kit Cubic 28778402640x25x28 cmCubic Panoramic 28FM-120Pico Lumina 9 FW
Kit Cubic 38778452945x28x30 cmCubic Panoramic 38FM-120Pico Lumina 9 FW
Kit Cubic 17778451745x24x16 cmCubic Panoramic 17FM-60Pico Lumina 9w FW

Cubic Experience

Bent Optical Glass Aquariums

Blau Cubic Experience

Optical Glass + Bent corners

The best of both worlds, the elegance of bent corners and the sharpness of optical glass.

Fabulous tempered and polished optical glass aquarium, with front and side glass in one piece. It allows to have a panoramic view of the aquarium without interruptions in the joints and with all the color and splendor of the optical glass.
The aquarium is supplied with a glass lid and a support mat.
Two models:
Ref. 7784041 Cubic Experience 64 (64 L. 40x40x40 cm)
Ref 7784546 Cubic Experience 91 (91 L. 45x45x45 cm)