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The Blau Aquaristic Bio Pellets are made of biodegradable polymers which serve both as a food substrate of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which transformed and remove nitrates and phosphates. They are designed especially for aquaculture and aquariums so it totally guarantee the absence of toxic substances.

The special shape of the Bio Pellets Blau Aquaristic prevents caking and blocking filters.

Operation: The aerobic and anaerobic bacteria use the carbon from the BioPellets well as nitrates and phosphates from the water to form biomass that is removed through the skimmer or filter feeders organism.

How to use:It is preferable to use in fluidized bed reactors to ensure good water circulation and greater efficiency. It can also be used in canisterfilters and mechanical filters provided to ensure good circulation.It is recommended that the filter output is connected with a good protein skimmer for removing excess bacterial biomass and re-oxygenate the water.

Dose: Generally 100 ml of BioPellets per 100 liters of tank capacity, but can be increased or decreased depending on the biomass of the tank.The BioPellets are consumed by bacteria so that it is necessary to their regular restitution every 6 or 12 months.

7740500 Bio Pellets 500 ml

7740250 Bio Pellets 250 ml

7741000 Bio Pellets 1000 ml

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