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Classic milk bottle body, for an optimum performance.

Super space saver design (internal pump and knife gate valve).

0-100% power dimmable DC pump.

Three regulation levels for a better skim control:  pump power, air intake and water output.

The silencer bracket turns 360ยบ allowing its better placement.

Silencer with ozone intake. Silicon feet anti-vibration.

Level sensor for avoid the cup overflow.

Fully removable body for full cleaning.

Silent operation.

Optimal air injection.

Scuma MKB 130DC

Ref. 7700130

Aquarium: Up to 500 liters

Air Intake: 500l/h

Pump: RM 1KDC

Power consumption: 12w

Diameter: 130 mm

Height: 478 mm

Footprint: 152x140 mm

Working water level: 10-16cm

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Scuma MKB 160DC

Ref. 7700160

Aquarium: Up to 1000 liters

Air Intake: 600l/h

Pump: RM 2KDC

Power consumption: 20w

Diameter: 160 mm

Height: 538 mm

Footprint: 182x170 mm

Working water level: 10-20 cm

Scuma MKB 200DC

Ref. 7700202

Aquarium: Up to 1800 liters

Air Intake: 1250l/h

Pump: RM 3KDC

Power consumption: 24w

Diameter: 200 mm

Height: 560 mm

Footprint: 223x210 mm

Working water level: 15-25 cm

Scuma MKB 250DC

Ref. 7700252

Aquarium: Up to 2900 liters

Air Intake: 1900l/h

Pump: RM 6KDC

Power consumption: 40w

Diameter: 250 mm

Height: 580 mm

Footprint: 273x260 mm

Working water level: 15-25 cm