Blau Overflow

Overflow 1500

Ref. 7710005
Measures: 21x12,8x19,3 cm
Outlet pipe: 1 x25mm
Max. flow: 1500 l/h
Silent operation

Blau Overflow

Overflow 3000

Ref. 7710010
Measures: 21x21,5x19,3 cm
Outlet pipe: 2 x25mm
Max. flow: 3000 l/h
Silent operation

Blau Overflow

Internal Overflow

Ref. 7710031
Outlet diameter: 32 mm
Inlet diameter: 20 mm
Inlet thread: 1/2"
Maximum flow : 1500 l/h
Silent operation
(water accelerator 1/2" not included)

Overflow systems are used to safely transport the aquarium water to the sump by decantation. They make it possible to convert a tank without holes into a marine aquarium.