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Crystal clear water due its ability to capture and retain water colloidal particles.

Creates optimal conditions for rooting and growth of aquatic plants.

Perfect for the maintenance and reproduction of freshwater shrimp.

Recommended for midly acidic water fish, allowing their introduction the same day.

Creates slightly acidic water conditions, optimum for plants and aquatic animals.

Does not release ammonia into the water, avoiding algae outbreaks.

Long-lasting granule mantains its quality longer and does not break.


Provides for a long period of time the essential plant nutrients.


Decreases water hardness.


Terra Activa Black Normal

 7740005 Terra Activa Black Normal 2l.

7740003 Terra Activa Black Normal 8l.

 7740009 Terra Activa Brown Normal 2l.

7740007 Terra Activa Brown Normal 8l.

 7740006 Terra Activa Black Fine 2l.

7740011 Terra Activa Black Fine 8l.

 7740010 Terra Activa Brown Fine 2l.

7740008 Terra Activa Brown Fine 8l.

Terra Activa Brown Normal

Terra Activa Black Fine

Terra Activa Brown Fine

Terra Activa 8 Liters Bag

Terra Activa 2 Liters Bag