Blau Multi-dosing pump

Dosing pumps

Precision for your aquarium and comfort for you 

The dosing pumps allow to automate and simplify the routine additions of products such as fertilizers for plants, trace elements, iron, products for corals, etc.
The fact of accurately dosing the required quantities allows to achieve optimal results while saving by not wasting product.

 Multi Dosing Pump

Multi-dosing Pump is a three peristaltic dosing pumps system expandable up to eleven (4 pumps more for each expansion module), which allows administer automatically liquids in doses from 1 to 99ml.
- Clock and memory in case of power cut
- Calibration function
- Weekly programming
- Alarm function in case of motor breakdown or lack of liquid in the container
Ref. 7794010

Blau Multi-dosing
Blau Multi-dosing Extension
Extension Multi Dosing Pump

4 additional channels to the main unit.
The main unit allows up to two extension modules.
It always has to be connected to a main unit.
Ref. 7794011

Single dosing pump

Single Dosing Pump is a peristaltic pump with controller capable of dosing from 1 to 99 ml with an interval between dosages of 1 hour up to 7 days.
- Allows dosing between 1 and 99 ml.
- Interval between doses: 1 h to 7 days.
- Maintains the last programming even after power cuts.
- Calibrateable dosage.
- It works at 12 volts.
Ref. 7794017

Blau Single Dosing

Liquid tanks for dosing pumps

Blau Liquid tank

Acrylic liquid tank 1,5 l.

Ref. 7794029
Made entirely of methacrylate
Easy-to-read engraved scale
1.5 liter capacity
Practical and elegant

Blau Triple Liquid Tank

Triple acrylic liquid tank 3 x 1,5 l.

Ref. 7794030
Made entirely of methacrylate
Easy-to-read engraved scale
3 x1.5 liter capacity
Practical and elegant